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Holy Family Catholic Church

Weekly Bulletin July 8, 2018 Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Weekly Collections June 30th & July 1st
Sunday Collection $6,561
Online Giving $1,916
Other (Candle, Coffee) $61
Weekly Goal $8,500
Peter’s Pence $670

Funeral Policy Change: Last month the priests of the Northern Deanery met to discuss standardizing some of our practices and policies in our Parishes. One of the policies we discussed was to eliminate Saturday funeral services. Most pastors are busy on Saturdays with other sacramental celebrations and meetings, not to mention preparing for the weekend liturgies. Also, Saturdays ae difficult to get volunteers to help with funeral luncheons. Therefore, beginning July 1, we will no longer be celebrating Funeral Masses or doing chapel services on Saturdays. Funeral Masses, chapel services and committal services will be celebrated during the week-Monday through Friday.

Welcome Alfonso Tenreiro: Alfonso will be doing the music for Saturday Masses, he will be using a key board, guitars and eventually will be staring a children's choir to sing at one Saturday Mass per month. Alfonso is the music instructor at St. Joseph’s Elementary School, St. Joseph’s High School and does the music at St. Florence in Huntsville. Please welcome him!

Thank You: Thank you to Barbara and all who helped make this year’s parish picnic a wonderful successes. Last weekend we had a wonderful time building community. Thanks to all who helped with the cooking and organization of the picnic and all who participated.

The Holy Family Knights of Columbus would like to thank all those who participated in the Notre Dame football raffle. Congratulations to Jeff WoolstenHulme  who is this year's winner of the drawing.

Rhonda Will be Out: Rhonda will be out for the next few weeks TDY. Barbara will be covering for her during that time. If you have any special needs please leave a message on the Church phone and we will get back with you at our earliest convenience.

New Stove in the Parish Hall: For the past several months we have been trying to come up with a plan to replace the stove in the Parish Hall with either a new or refurbished gas stove. The Knights have offered to pay for the plumbing of the gas (about $1,400) and the Parish will pay for the cost of the stove. Since there is not money in next year’s budget to complete this project, we will be asking parishioners to give to a special collection next month to pay for the stove (about $12,000 for a new one). Everyone benefits from this stove, whether it’s for the monthly Knights Breakfast, Funeral Luncheons, special dinners, ect. The Parish should try to find the money through the generosity of its parishioners to pay for the stove. Once we have more information on the exact cost and model, we will share that with you and have the special collection. Thanks in advance for you generosity.

RCIA: Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith? Or have you been going to Catholic Mass all your life but never celebrated all the Sacraments of Initiation. The faith community of Holy Family’ invites you to explore the Roman Catholic Faith. The Rites of Christian of Adults (RCIA) provides you with an opportunity to study and reflect on Sacred Scripture and Church teaching. These sessions will help you discern whether God is calling you into full communion with the Church. For more information, please contact Nelda Troyer at
801 -774-9817 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mass Intentions
7/7     Mary Lou Madson +/ Bill & Patti Hambleton
8:00   Margoth Cheja +/ Yo Shiramizu
10:30 Rosemary D’ Agostino +/ Bill & Barbara Burbrigde
7/9     Marian Schoss +/ Jil Morby
7/10   Benediction Sister’s/ Carl & Margaret Leuschner
7/11    Al Lander +/ Ted Lander
7/12   Communion Service
7/13   Louise McNally +/ Jil Morby
7/14   Mary Lou Madson +/ Bill & Patti Hambleton