Holy Family Catholic Church



Dear Parishioners:

Some important information.

1. Beware of Internet Scams: Two weeks ago the Diocese sent out a warning to all pastors that there is someone contacting Catholics throughout the Diocese in the name of some priests and even the Bishop asking for money, gift cards or a special contribution. Several members of our Parish were contacted last week by e-mail using my name asking for assistance. None of these appeals is legitimate so be suspicious if you receive a personal e-mail from any address other than the Parish Office. Pastors and parishes do not make these kinds of appeals. Also, last year several parishioners received bogus telephone text messages asking for gift cards to be purchased and e-mailed to a specific location. Be suspicious of any appeal for money or assistance in the name of the pastor, parish, Bishop or Diocese. These are all scams.

2. 10:30 Mass Reservations: Beginning in August no reservations will be needed to attend any weekend Mass at Holy Family including the 10:30 a.m. Mass. If you do regularly attend the 10:30 a.m. Mass, please consider coming to the 9:15 a.m. Mass so we do not have too many in the Church. Please note that the dispensation of the obligation to attend Sunday Mass by Bishop Solis is still in effect through summer.

3. Masks: Just a reminder that masks are required to enter the Church, for the Communion procession and to leave the Church. I would strongly recommend that you wear the mask through the service, especially if you are in a high-risk group.

Thank you all for your support and have a blessed week.

Fr. Bill